Mr. Pencil – LeapFrog Review

You have heard me talk about LeapFrog before and I recently was given the opportunity to review one of their new learning games! It’s so adorable. It’s called Mr. Pencil and it helps with reading and writing.

My favorite part was that it encourages fun and creativity…. for instance, the “bad guy” is notorious for not being creative, so that’s his “evil power”. And I loved how you can customize the game to your child’s reaching or writing skill level. Obviously Bud was at a 10 year old level…… womp womp.


It works with handwriting, reading skills, and even has a visual dictionary.


On my trip to Vancouver, I put that thing in Bud’s hands and it kept him busy! He loved it and he’s starting to follow along with the story. I know it’ll be even more fun when he gets a little older. I took the LeapPad with me when I went to our tax center to keep Bud busy and it worked like a charm but what I loved was that a little 5 year old girl came to sit next to him and enjoyed it just as much so the age levels it reaches is diverse.

Thanks again Leap Frog for letting me be a part of this and yall, check out Mr. Pencil and the Lost Colors of Doodlebug!32021_eBook_MrPencil_PK01

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