Vancouver Trip

I mentioned that Bud and I ventured to Vancouver last week and it was AWESOME! Homeboy slept like a champ in his pack n’ play (Christmas miracle) and we had a great time with the Pritz-Bennetts and Gammy. I love Vancouver and we hit some good spots. Granville Island is always my fav so we have to hit that up. We go to the Kids Market, Lee’s Donuts, and walk through the market. I can’t go to Vancouver without going to Granville Island.

The rest of the time we just hung around neighborhoods around Nomi and Graham’s place and ate at some yummy places like Burgoo and sat around chatting it up. I was so sad to leave, I just love being around my family.

We had a super easy drive there BUT coming back on a Friday? I would recommend it about as much as I’d recommend trying to invent an eye liner made out of lemon and pure acid. It took 5 hours and we hit A LOT of traffic……. like a lot.

IMG_1500 IMG_1482 IMG_1480 IMG_1473 IMG_1459 IMG_1453 IMG_1438 IMG_1432 IMG_1424 IMG_1408 IMG_1404 IMG_1377 IMG_1372

Oh, and Bud in the sunglasses with the owl sweater with elbow patches? You’re welcome.

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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Seriously… Bud in the sunglasses with the owl sweater with the elbow patches… THANK YOU. As if I needed more reason to want kids someday 😉

    • haha for realz, and ummmmm we seriously need to plan that get together

  • Jude

    oh my goodness… Bud is getting too big. love these photos 🙂