Gammy’s Visit

We had the best time with Gammy in town. Bud was just in heaven. Every time Gammy wasn’t in the room, he’d look at me with complete disapproval of my presence and say, “Gahmmy?” Appreciate ya Bud, don’t worry, it was easy bringing you into the world with 18 hours of labor, no problemo. 

We had so much fun exploring new places and old places, playing with puzzles, and having Gammy see our life out here. She even came to the book study that I host on Friday mornings. We were so sad when she left, Bud even wanders into the guest room saying, “Gahmmy? Gahmmy?” soooo come back soon Mama, for realz because I just keep telling him that you’re having a meeting with Santa because I don’t feel like explaining that one either.

We tried new restaurants. This is a yummy one, Boathouse19 in University Place. SO GOOD, plus Bud loved looking at the boats.


What’s with the green? St. Patty’s Day, duh.


Sam kept Bud one night so that Mama and I could go out for a girls’ night. We went to my favorite French restaurant, Creme Brulee. Of course when naked Bud saw we were taking pictures, he had to be in it.

IMG_5860 IMG_5859

We also explored Gig Harbor which is such a cute, quaint town and I scored big time at a consignment shop for kids clothes! I bought Bud 5 pairs of pants and 2 sweaters for $20!

IMG_5850 IMG_5848 IMG_5844

Every morning Bud gets to watch a show while I enjoy a cup of coffee and Gammy loved this cuddle time.


And of course our living room floor has turned into the playroom so Bud made sure that he was going to wear Gammy out with wrestling, puzzle time, and puppet shows.

IMG_5840 IMG_5838

Since Bud is obsessed with baths, it was so fun to have Gammy be here to see just our normal routine instead of me just telling her fun stories over the phone.


If there is an open field, my son wants to run across it. But not without grabbing Gammy’s hand and making her run too.


Please don’t go Gammy, we love you!


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  • kate@daffodils

    Dont know why you keep commenting on my lack of belly when you are skinny mini!

  • Tracy Morrison Dickens

    such a sweet post. so glad you you had your mamma there to make memories with. (and i totally appreciate the need for a girls’ night with your mom….my mom invites herself to Columbus every couple of months and my sweet hubby volunteers to drive the two of us for a night out…and it is very needed and cherished). xoxo

    • love that, i wish yall would sit in the back seat and make him drive you around like ms. daisy 🙂

  • Mary Bennett

    Glad you guys had a good time- maybe I’ll make it out that way some time!!

  • Tove

    I’m so glad you liked Gig Harbor; it’s my hometown! The storefront with the horse used to be called Kelley’s and it was the main toy store in town. I spent many hours there as a kid. If you go back to GH, grab a bite at Kinza Teriyaki. It’s a local legend and the first place I eat every time I’m home.

    • oh so fun you’re from there! kelley’s is still there, that’s where we ate! super yum!