Knees more than hands

I’m still on a journey towards gratitude and peace and yesterday was an opportunity for me to exercise that (I always find it hilarious that those little tests come in the least expected and most inconvenient times). I had a huge list of things to get done, laundry piling up, bags to pack for Vancouver, and meals to make. But my boy wanted to play, my car had to go to the shop, and life happened.

Lord I’m grateful that we can afford to fix my car. 

I’m grateful that we get to visit my brother because he’s within driving distance. 

Thank you that I have food in the fridge to make supper with. 

Thank you that we have clothes to wear and to wash. 

Thank you that my boy wants to play with his mama. 

And I felt the busyness melt away.

Then I started to become anxious about how Bud would sleep at Graham and Nomi’s in the pack n play. I am a bit scarred from our trip to NC for Christmas when Bud didn’t nap for 10 days and had a hard time sleeping. But I thought, hey, at least he’d get sleep here. Then from 7pm until midnight, somebody on post thought it was a good idea to practice FULL rounds of artillery shaking the entire house. We couldn’t sleep, Roy was freaking out, and I feared for the life of my china.

Lord thank you that this isn’t our every day life. I know these are drills and I don’t need to fear for the life of my child constantly. I pray for the families where these booms are their real, every day life and they fear for the lives of their children every night. 

Annoyance and anxiety = 0. Grateful heart = 1.

I’ve been getting up early in the mornings to have some quiet time of reading and prayer and it’s been my breath, my energy, and my survival. This morning I was reading 1000 Gifts and was spoken to by this quote, “I stop the spinning thoughts, the probing questions, the hands sorting, the laundry work, because God needs knees more than hands.”

Knees more than hands.

I’m headed to Vancouver today for a few days. Pray for safe travels and a time on my knees instead of hands.

P.S. Another giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    You are such a beam of light, Martha! My mind has been spinning so much lately and trying to stay focused on His truth has been the only thing keeping me from completely losing it (though yeah, to be fair, He doesn’t always win and I need to check myself). Thank you for this reminder to stop and kneel down before I fall down 🙂

  • Lilkidthings

    Love this post and I hope you have a fantastic time!!

  • Jude

    love this. it really is the simple things we must remember to be thankful a lot of times!