My man

On Wednesday the man of my dreams turned 28 thus making me feel a little less like a creepy older woman married to a young chap. Yall- I can’t say enough about my husband.

He is so hard working. It’s 9pm and he’s still at the office working on a huge case BUT he ran home so that he could read nighttime stories to Bud, say family prayers, ¬†and put him to bed. He has melted my heart with what an amazing father he is. He grabs me every time he walks through the door from work and I stare at the clock waiting for that hug.

He always keeps me laughing, he is super hot, he loves me better than what daydreams are made of, and he cares for this family with every inch of his heart and strength. I’m beyond blessed to have this man as my husband and best friend. He has such integrity and character, it’s kind of mind boggling to be honest.

Happy birthday boo, even if you don’t like birthdays.


This was the only picture he’d let me take of his birthday and I had to trick him by saying that I was taking a picture of the chocolate cake. womp womp.

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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Happy birthday, Sam!!! This is the sweetest birthday post I’ve ever read. I love how much you guys love each other… Seriously, gives me so much hope that this kind of thing is REAL! Happy, happy, happy day to your stud hubs!

    ((and dude… why don’t guys ever like celebrating their birthday?))

  • Lindsey

    Such a sweet post, Martha! Even though we’re fellow Heels, we’ve never met, but have mutual friends (which is how I found your blog). I love to pop over to see your funny/humble/perspective-shifting posts! Our lives couldn’t be more different, so I love just hearing about what’s going on and knowing in another world and remembering that no matter what our daily tasks are, there are always positive ways (read: candy, pinot grigio, prayer) to handle the ups and downs! Congrats on the new bean as well!