Have I mentioned lately?

Yall- I know I’ve mentioned Stitch Fix before but I’m still seriously obsessed. I’m not a shopper, I just don’t enjoy it. But I love having a few new pieces a year to keep me feeling semi-stylish (a stretch I know).

Stitch Fix has been nailing it, for realz. I got some questions from yall about where I got the outfit in the video of Sam’s homecoming. Um……… most of it? StitchFix.

Coolio green jacket? Yep.

Gray dress that I perhaps wear a little too often? Yep.

I don’t have any good still pics from that night because Graham was filming but here are some other times I’m wearing the dress and jacket.

I just put in for a Spring time “fix” (despite the fact there isn’t really a Spring here) and I requested some items that were belly-friendly so I’ll keep you posted if they come through with that!

Do yall have any belly friendly essentials that I’m unaware of? The only things I wore with Bud were the belly-band with my normal pants and some maxi dresses. I’m looking for some different items this time around so if you have a fav maternity brand, hit me!

IMG_5307 IMG_5349

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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    HOW HAD I NEVER SEEN THAT VIDEO!? If anyone needs me I’ll be the sobbing mess on the couch. That was just the best thing I’ve ever seen. Holy wow.