This week

Here is this week’s recap in photos. I’m laying on the couch spooning with my dog because well…. that’s how I live it up on a Thursday night yall. Happy Friday yall!


We went to a fun Moms Club party in our neighborhood and Bud made a crown and preceded to wear it around the rest of the day. It was pretty hilarious despite how unamused he looks here.


And oh yeah, he got to eat a cupcake later.


And this is one of those little things that makes my heart melt, baby chucks. Every time he wears these he just looks like such a little dude running around.


My son loves bathtime. Bud is so happy that he runs around yelling “BATH BATH” and “NAKEY NAKEY” while the tub fills up. I love it.


I mean…… come on.


This is Bud and his betrothed Adalynn while her daddy reads to them. Too cute.

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