Monday Video

Last week my brother sent me this video that he had made of film he had collected over the year of visiting me and Bud and of Sam’s return. I can’t believe how much Bud grew from when Sam first left and when he returned. I mean, he left when Bud was 6 months and got home around 17 months so I shouldn’t be surprised but seeing the growth captured on film was crazy!

There aren’t many words for his talent, his gift, and his impact in my life in general but this video left me even more speechless.

Thank you for this special gift Graham, you’re the best little brodder ever.

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  • tears, tears tears. this is the best thing EVER!!! oh man. i have enjoyed watching this. what a wonderful gift your brother gave you.

  • Cambey

    This is SUCH a beautiful video — Graham is extremely talented! I am so happy this growing family is back together! Sending y’all lots of love!

  • Jamie L

    Beautiful! Tear jerker

  • Tove

    Whew! Tears are a-flowing after that one. There’s nothing quite like that anticipation of finding your love in a sea of camo and then the joy when you can finally get your hands on them. What an incredible keepsake for you guys to have. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  • Kelly Beth

    Holy cow, Martha!!! This video is SO POWERFUL. I’m crying at work right now. Thanks. 🙂 Seriously, though, thank you for sharing it. You and Sam are such a beautiful shining example of how Christ wants us to love.

    • Thanks Kelly Beth. I’m so excited for all the blessings happening in your life right now!

  • Laura Chavous

    well. made me cry. its beautiful. Thank God for families like yours that sacrifice for our country’s freedom.

  • oh my goodness martha, this is so beautiful. i cried watching it early this morning by myself and then made my fiance watch and cried again. your brother’s work is amazing and your love is inspiring. xo

  • Alicia

    Oh, sweet, made me cry… Hugs from Spain!

  • Your brother is exceptionally gifted in filming and editing. The building blocks re-stacking, the one single sound of voice–Bud’s reaction to the skype video call–(and a little more sound at the end), the camera angles, and the editing in general, made this one of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen, anywhere. And what a great brodder to do this for you! (I know how long this takes, and he gave it a lot of thought and expertise.)

    I found your blog just because I was on the Weaver forum and wanted to see what you ended up with as a circle in your header. Nice clean layout!

    Your family seems to be the definition of love and good times. I wish you the very best here on the west coast (I assume that’s where you are).

    I’ll be doing a piece on family in the near future in my monthly design series. You can check it out at (it’s free).

    I especially like what you said about your younger husband. I had a girlfriend who was quite a bit older than me and I’ve never had a better lover and conversationalist. I’m real happy for both of you.