23 Weeks

Happy Monday everyone! Here is a 23 week picture. It’s hilarious trying to take pictures of yourself when 1. your husband isn’t there 2. you have a weird dog who likes to find himself in every frame and 3. you don’t have a fancy iphone (insert coveting stank eye here) to take a cute picture in the mirror. SO, I put my ole trusty digital camera on timer and took a picture in the hallway.

This week I’ve felt good energy wise, still walking a bunch. I took a bath (don’t worry, it wasn’t too hot) because the little monkey was chilling really low and was causing some pressure and OH MY WORD. What have I been missing!? I can definitely see why some women choose to labor in a warm tub because I felt so relaxed and weightless.

I can now feel him kick like crazy and can even see him pop on top of my stomach. Both of my sweet parents got to feel him kick this week.

I decided to chill out on the sugars and went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on high-protein healthy snacks to eat on throughout the day. I feel like I’m constantly hungry so I’ve been packing my little lunch box of yummy but healthy snacks…  you know like Dunkaroos and Fruit Roll-ups. I kid, I kid. I’ve been loving some carrots and hummus, greek yogurt, fruits, and swiss cheese.

I realized I’ve been misleading you about the weight gain! I lost 5 pounds during the first trimester because I was a vomit-machine so I’ve gained that back PLUS the 5 pounds this week. I’d only been putting the weight I’d gained from my original weight. So technically, I feel like I’ve gained 10 lbs.

Well, those are the 23 week highlights! I finally picked out the nursery bedding and I’m going with an orange and aqua theme… I blame the orange and blue obsession on my friend Kate who has me somehow got me invested in Auburn.  

Love to you friends.

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  • Kate

    Yes! Two and Freedom are totally going to play Auburn football together 🙂 We are taking C with us to see the baby today, I can’t wait to see what he thinks about the fact that there really IS a baby in my belly!