This is straight from some reflection time with God this morning:

Don’t plow through today. Don’t just “survive” it because fully experiencing this day or enjoying this day isn’t on your to-do list. Stop to take it all in and see what today has in store for you. We miss a lot by getting nailed into our own agenda.
You might meet someone new, you might hear someones story because you took the time to ask, you might see (enjoy) the sunrise for the first time, you might enjoy the sunset because you’re not trying to make spaghetti in record time, and you might just get to enjoy some time listening to your favorite song without cutting it off to hop out of the car into the grocery store.
How pitiful we’ve made our to-do lists dictate our day. I know I do it. I’ve turned my agenda into an idol, thinking that if I don’t check all the boxes off that tomorrow will be like an episode of Double Dare trying to catch up on everything so I don’t get slimed. You know what will happen if I don’t go to the grocery store today? Nothing. But if I continue to ignore the blessings that I need to soak in, I’ll wake up and be miserable and think I’ve been cheated out of a good life. Lets stop cheating ourselves.
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  • Ashleigh

    i needed to read this today. i love you MarthaB.