Happy Love Day to you!

Happy Love day to you! Bud and I have been on a valentines crafting extravaganza this week in order to combat the gray weather.

First we made some awesome clay hearts with our friends Kim & Adalynn from this website. And then we made a bunch of valentines gifts for our storytime teacher, K & A, and our neighbors. I basically filled a bunch of mason jars with candy, cut hearts out of doilies, and tied a ribbon on those bad boys!

(This isn’t the one I made, I ganked it off the internets, but they looked close)

Then I got really bored and made a giant candy bouquet….. because I could.

In other news, I’m completely humbled by yalls sweet words about my last post. It was something brewing inside of me for awhile and thanks for letting me trust you with it. Your comments and emails have been smiled over, cried over, and soaked in. I plan on getting back to each and every one of you but please know how awesome I think you are. I’ve loved hearing your stories and I love how similar some of them are to the one I shared. Truly truly, I wish I could hug each of you.

*Stay tuned for a badass giveaway I have coming for Friday!*

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