Valentine’s Card Giveaway

Yall, I love me some Valentine’s Day. I don’t necessarily love the whole, “I’m going to pronounce my love on this one Hallmark day instead of making out with your hot face every day” but, I love conversation hearts, I love boxes of chocolates that are the size of torso, and I love the adorable little Valentine’s Day cards that you get in elementary school.

Last year I dressed Bud up and this year I plan on doing the same thing. We’re going to dress up and give out little Valentine’s cards to the 10 people we know in Washington.

This adorable company called Treat that sells personalized Valentine’s cards contacted me about their products. They make personalized greeting cards that are so cute. Their V-day cards are really stinkin’ adorable. Well, all their cards are actually! The designs are creative, you can personalize them with your cute selves and whatever text you want OR they have a huge message library when you want to say something other than, “Errr, you look hot today.”

Treat is offering my readers 5 free cards! WOO! So leave your name, and email in the comments section! And as a Love Day treat from me, I’ll include a $15 gift card to either Starbucks or Target, your choice!!  I’ll randomly pick a winner on February 3rd.

Because for real, these are adorable right?! And who doesn’t want 5 free cards to send to 5 special people because real mail is just the best.


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