Tacoma Glass Museum

A couple weekends ago we went to the Tacoma Glass Museum.  This is one of those places that everyone kept telling us we have to go to while we live here. So, we did. They have an awesome building downtown so we had high expectations.

While the galleries were pretty cool, there weren’t many exhibits and we were literally done touring the museum in 10 minutes. And that was with a toddler that wanted to stop and point at everything. They did have a very cool room where you can watch them make glass and I think that was everyone’s favorite mainly because there was fire.

Watching glass being made

While we’re glad we went because we could cross it off our bucket list of things to do here, I don’t think it was worth the money. It’s $10 each person with the military discount and it was such a short exhibit.

Bud kept wanting to stand in the reflection which was pretty adorable. Until we kept yelling, “STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT CAROL ANN!”

There is an awesome bridge but guess what, you don’t have to pay to go across that soooo…… we’ll probably just walk across that next time instead of going in.

And if you’re taking kids, the nice thing is right outside the museum is the harbor so Bud loved looking at the boats.

This is my husband’s “If you take one more picture I’m leaving” face. Come to think of it, I think they are both giving me that look.¬†


All in all, we’re glad we went because we can say we did it but I doubt we’ll do a repeat performance!

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  • Michelle

    Gosh I thought I was the only one who thought the hype was a little overdone. . . we were lucky enough to go when they had the children’s creations which were really cute. . . the pic of colorful flying birds looks nice. . . but really how long can you look at that?

  • Kimberly Howell

    Good to know. I no longer feel guilty about my laziness of going, even though (one of our faves) The Social is right next door!

  • Jerry gives me that same look. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM!?