It’s the little things…

This little wild boy of mine has been melting my heart since day one. I feel like every day he learns new things and his vocabulary, his actions, even his facial expressions are just growing in leaps and bounds. It’s so fascinating and exhilarating to see him grow up. I’ve been taking little notes of the little things that I don’t want to forget so I can remember them as he gets older and makes me drop him off a block away from the movie theatre to save face.

Oh Bud, let me count the ways…

the way i find you in the living room pouring over a book

the way you lounge back into my chest and cross your leg like an old man


that time that i turned my head for one second and you decided you wanted to some face art


how you have decided that you want to go down slides all by yourself, so proud!

the way you love to cuddle your dog


your imagination is developing like crazy and the children’s museum is one of your favorite places!

your bed head….. oh your bed head


i let you lick the beaters the other day for the first time when i was making a cake, and you would have thought i gave you the key to narnia


You are our wild child, sensitive soul, and big adventure wrapped up in one adorable package. We adore you Bud!

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