So it’s been really cold and dreary here in the PNW (pause for my shock face) so Bud and I have been trying to be super creative during the day in order to not lose our ever-loving minds. Well, the other day that meant making our own neon green slime! I tried to tell him about Nickelodeon and the awesome-ness that was “You can’t do that on television” and their slime but he didn’t care. He just wanted me to hurry up and make the gooey stuff for him to throw everywhere.

I grabbed a bowl, liquid starch (Sta-Flo is what I used), and clear glue (I used Elmers clear glue). I used 2 bottles of clear glue and about a cup of liquid starch. I just had to guess at the amounts until it was the consistency I wanted. I added some green food coloring and there ya had it! It entertained Bud for awhile and I’m not sure who had more fun squeezing it in their hands. The only disadvantage was that after a couple of hours it just kinda turned into a mess. It wasn’t slime anymore. I read another recipe that said to add water too, so I think I’ll do that next time and hopefully that’ll help it last like slime longer.


And oh yeah, don’t wear clothes that you have to wear out that day because slime will inevitably get on them! 

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  • Brooke Bliss

    I’ve done that with kiddos I nanny. Look on my Pinterest board, I found a great recipe for the slime. I learn the hard way as well. My hands were hot pink for a week.