GM Commissary Coupon Campaign

So, I fully admit that I still feel completely new to the Army and am still on a huge learning curve. We’ve only been in this rodeo for two years now. We love our station and Fort Lewis has a lot of really nice perks. When I say I gave myself a learning curve I wasn’t joking. I seriously looked like a shy middle schooler trying to find a seat at lunch the first time I went to the commissary. First, I had no idea you didn’t bag your own bags and had to tip. (Trust me, now I know those “No Limit Self Check Out” lanes like a pro.) It took me awhile to get used to shopping there but now, I love it! In full disclosure, we don’t buy our meat there because they don’t have organic options but I buy all our staples and a lot of our produce there. The prices are unbeatable and once you know the times to go when its not crowded, its quite pleasant! It’s easy because it’s right there on post and with the exception of no organic meat, they have everything we need.

What’s my point?

Well, I’ve teamed up with General Mills on a little coupon lovin’. They are starting a military only program for military shoppers to sign up and receive coupons via their email. They will email them out so just print them at home and take them with you to the commissary and use them at the check out! It’s as easy as that!

All you have to do is text the keyword GMSAVE to 82857· Then exclusive military only General Mills coupons will be sent monthly right to your email for easy printing before you go to the commissary. They will track products on sale at your local commissary and even send out news about upcoming General Mills commissary events.

Message and data rates may apply. 4 alerts per month. Reply STOP to end or HELP for help. <>

I know it’s confusing because it’s an email campaign but you text to opt in. At this time, commissaries do not allow mobile coupons, but by opting in via texting, you’re agreeing that they could contact you in the future via texting. This way when and if the commissaries allow it, you will be all set up. In the meantime, email blasts will be sent out containing the information twice a month.

Note: The coupons are printed using technology. If someone has trouble, they can look at the link:  

For more info, just check out their Facebook page at:

So there ya have it! Yay GM for pursuing military families!

*Disclaimer: I’m being compensated by GM Commissary Coupons Campaign but I love coupons, I love the commissary, and I meant what I said in this post! Word.

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