Haircuts and Small Victories

So remember the beautiful mullet? Well, it’s gone. That’s right, Bud got a haircut! This haircut was prompted by a couple things. 1. About 984,756 people commented on Bud’s mullet… a lot of them with genuine concern and some with genuine jealousy (we WERE in North Carolina after all) and 2. He was called a little girl at the airport.

Sam did it and it was very drama-free (minus the part where I cried because he looked older and I proceeded to put his curls in a zip lock bag). So is it weird to anyone else that we keep our children’s remnants of their first hair cut? I feel like if someone without kids were to come in our house and search through baby books, they’d think we were serial killers/creepers. A lot of teeth, hair remnants, and photos of kids sleeping. Super.

So Bud went from this :

To this:

And we’ve all heard about my nursery battle with Bud. Well, this Sunday was the first Sunday in a REALLY long time that I can remember not being called back during the service. Yes, he still screams his head off when we drop him off and yes, when Sam went to go get him, my son was pantless (please don’t get me started on this one) BUT I didn’t get this message which is a Christmas miracle.

It was a nice weekend, COLD, but nice. How was yalls!?

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  • Stephanie Woods

    Hi Martha,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You are very much my kind of people! I came across a link to your blog a few months ago on a friend’s (a mutual friend I think) FB page and it immediately caught my attention because you had attached a link to a fabulous dress you had just gotten from The Shabby Apple. Anyway, I have been following you ever since. (Ok, that sound a bit creepy.) Anyway, I just enjoy your blog so much! I am a mom too, to 3 kids so I appreciate your candor when it comes to the reality of being a mom and life in general. I live in Lakewood, so who knows, maybe one day we will run into eachother. 🙂 BTW, I am so thankful your husband is home safe and sound. Although we don’t know eachother I added him to my list of deployed spouses to pray for while he was away. Hope you’re having a great (peaceful) day!


  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Bud the Stud! He looks so dapper with the new haircut (and still very much like a baby, don’t worry mama!)

  • He looks so handsome!

  • Kristen Kluttz

    Hahaha. Bud’s haircut looks great! I just did Branch’s this week (also his first) and I too, am guilty of a ziplock bag full of blonde curls… Miss yall!