One of the best products we’ve ever bought

If I was better about posting, then you’d see how often we use our Kelty Kids backpack. We probably use it 2-3 times a week MINIMUM. Sam and I love to hike and so now its become our favorite family activity. It’s so easy and fun to strap Bud in the pack and help watch Sam hoist Bud on his back and we get to experience nature as a family.

A couple days ago we went to this awesome trail called Cal Magnusson that was about an hour and a half away. It was a messy day (I’m talking major rain and wind! But we bundled up and put our rain gear on and forged on. And by forged on, I mean I only complained 5000 times.) but we figured if we waited to hike until the rain let up, we’d be waiting until July. It was a pretty steep hike but only 2 miles long so it was a nice, quick trip. Bud loved it. He just looked all around and was so proud when we let him out and walk the last bit of the trail down. It’s pretty rocky so I think he felt pretty badass. (He really was)

I know you’re jealous of the way I look… admit it. But we had to get a picture b/c this was a natural rock formation!

So anyways, if you’re in the market for a nice hiking backpack, we can’t recommend the Kelty one enough.

*I’m not paid to say this, Kelty doesn’t know/care I exist…. although, I’m here Kelty if you need me 😉

Also- can you see the look of pride on Bud’s face after the hike?

I dare you to say I can’t climb this mountain again…


I’m just messin’! Put me on your back again!

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  • Jennifer Dignazio

    We have the same one! It’s been awesome. Steve typically uses it to contain Sam while he mows the grass though. No mountains to hike here. 😉

    Love your hiking outfit too!