So, we got SNOW! I’ll be a bit MIA for the holidays because we’re traveling east to be with family. But I had to get these on here.

It’s amazing being able to experience things again through new eyes. Bud is taken with such wonder with everything. It was so amazing to sit by the window and watch the snow fall and just see his wide eyes and mouth wipe open and yelling, “WHOA!” Man, how amazing would it be if we were all like that?



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  • Olga Pisarskiy

    Gorgeous Snow!!!

  • Nomi PB

    We got some good snow yesterday as well, and Talia just loved staring out the window (Min too, for that matter). Awesome little snowsuit! T needs one of those.

  • Cambey Mikush

    These pictures are ADORABLE!!!! What a good lookin’ boy! =) Have a very happy (and safe) holiday, Metzlers!!!!!

  • I had the same reaction to snow every year until one year my folks handed me a shovel and told me to start clearing. Now snow has gone from “ooh” to “uhg” (though the snow blower has lessened that). The first time my cousin saw snow (12 or so) he ran into the yard in a t-shirt and shorts and rolled around in it until he’d gone numb. He kind of did the same thing the first time he saw squirrels, though, so it may just be him.
    Lovely pictures 🙂 his blue eyes really stand out with the snow.