Our weekend in Chapel Hill

Well I’m finally getting around to writing about our weekend away to Chapel Hill! While it wasn’t a posh week in the Caribbean, it was just what we needed. It was so fun to walk around campus and reminisce in all the places we met. We had PERFECT weather and I just had all of these flashbacks of walking around holding the hand of the man of my dreams, and now he’s the father of our child! That’s just so crazy. I knew that Sam was someone so special but there is no way I would have thought we’d have this great of a life together.

We got there Friday night and were both starving so we ate at a burger joint before going to the hotel. After dinner we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and decided to go on one of our college-style date nights. We went to see a movie at Southpoint and snuck in a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The apple-pie apple was and still is my absolute favorite.

Saturday morning we woke up and got brunch at Foster’s Market in Durham and even ran into our friends Stacy and Andy with their gorgeous kiddos which was SO fun. We ate and knew we had the whole day to just hang out and take it easy. We actually ended up going to see our first apartment together and then our first house.  It was so fun to go back and see those places with such great memories. Then we went to Patterson’s General Store and looked through all of the old books and antiques. It is such a cool place so if you’re ever in Chapel Hill you need to go! The Heels were playing that day so we decided to avoid the Franklin Street crowd and we met up with some of my old roomies and their hubbies and we all watched the game. After the game Sam and I went back to the hotel and got dressed up and went on our big date night! Elaine’s!!! That was our favorite date-night place to eat and it was delicious. They even made me a very yummy “mocktail” so that I could pretend I was having a swanky drink with supper. After supper Sam and I just walked around Franklin Street and enjoyed the night.

Sunday we slept in and then decided to do our day exploring the campus. We went and got an early lunch at Sutton’s on Franklin Street and then spent a few hours just walking around campus. We went into some of our old classrooms, went to our old college houses, and just soaked up the memories and the places where we used to meet each other on campus all googly-eyed. I still have such a crush on that man.

Bell Tower

A look at our quad

The obligatory shot by the Old Well

The hot night out on the town!

Patterson’s General Store where you can get bottled sodas, look at antiques and old books. I LOVE this place!

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