Christmas trees, hiking, date nights, oh my!

We hit up our usual Christmas tree/pumpkin farm and Sam cut down our tree much to Bud’s squealing to play with the saw… awesome.

I am loving how much Bud is getting into Christmas this year. Every morning when we come downstairs he points at the Christmas tree and says “Kissma Tee! Kissma Tee!” and don’t even get me STARTED on the freak outs I get when the lights aren’t on. It’s like telling Mariah Carey she can never wear sequins again. Total.Breakdown.

We are explaining to him the nativity, the Christmas story, and the beginning of the most wonderful Rescue Plan of all time. Sam taught him how to say “Jesus” the other day when they were reading the Bible together (I know, swoon). 

Then we took to creation appreciation (Hi Kate) and went on a few hikes since Sam has had some half days. I literally have to stop myself from weeping/giggling/smiling like an idiot when I see my whole family back together again. I cannot describe that kind of joy.

Sam wanted to use this as our Christmas card. I’m sorry honey, I’m wearing a weird hat, baggy hiking pants, and NO. Don’t you know Christmas cards are to show people that we can still look presentable as a family at least one day out of the year?!

And oh yeah, DATE NIGHTS AGAIN?! Yes please, may I have another?

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  • Susan Moore

    I’m with Sam on the Christmas Card photo, even with the Wake Forest hat 🙂 love you all!

  • Jessi Kelly

    seriously laughed out loud with the mariah carey comment!