Thanksgiving Recap in Pictures

thank you Pinterest for this super simple, super cute centerpiece

gotta love my daddy and his grandson

i’ve answered life’s toughest question. there is NOTHING cuter than a baby in suspenders… no more mystery

bud LOVED his auntie lynh!

and then he sang a moving celine dion ballad

and then he got distracted

and then he got tormented by his uncles

but then he was fed fried onions in the kitchen soo….

you’re welcome america, i aided your stereotype towards overeating on thanksgiving

bud loved his cousin talia. he kept trying to hold her hand and then i died from his cuteness

again, doodoopops and bud adventures forever!



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  • kate@daffodils

    How are you not going to do a homecoming post first. Ive been waiting!! 😉 Been thinking about you guys and the bliss you must be feeling. love you!

    • Olga Pisarskiy

      For realz I’m with Kate on this one! Homecoming post.

  • Deana

    Did you find another oven?!? It looks like it all turned out wonderfully, and so glad your family is back together 🙂 love you all