Thankful for Real

This year has been rough. I won’t sugar coat it. BUT things have been catipulted into perspective and sometimes when you’re stripped raw, you realize how beautifully simple life’s joys are. That’s where I am. I’m thankful everything.

I’m thankful when I get an email from Sam because that means he’s safe.

This is a typical pose from Sam, “Why are we taking pictures when we could have been eating supper 5 minutes ago?”

I’m thankful for the smiles on Bud’s face because it means we are both pursuing joy when its not always obvious and convenient.

I’m thankful for family coming into town and loving on me and my Bud so we won’t be alone for Thanksgiving or my 30th.

I love my dad for a bunch of reasons but one is his ability to PLAY. He just hopped right into the kids tunnel at the Children’s Museum with Bud.

I’m thankful for last weekend when I got to see my brotherbuddy Caleb get married to a wonderful women Katrina. It was an amazing weekend with my friends who are even sillier than I am. We danced like idiots, sang songs about chocolate and laughed harder than I have in awhile. I was myself in truest form…. a complete buffoon surrounded by other buffoons.

I’m thankful for my crazy brother who makes me laugh, is my partner in crime and who cares deeply about the people in his life. And oh yeah… gives me bangs. Yep, I let him give me bangs but luckily my friend Bliss was there to do a lot of the work!

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is full of thanks! Seriously, even if its for toe socks or Chewy Sprees, be thankful.

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