Trying to get creative…

Yall- it’s cold here now. Like all of a sudden, BOOM 35 degrees. I’m not a cold weathered person and apparently neither is my kid. I bundle us both up and go to the garage playroom and even with the heaters blaring, it barely gets up to 50 degrees in there. AWESOME. Bud won’t wear gloves and then gets really crabby when his hands are cold. SO, I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to entertain him for the entire day.

1. Have I mentioned my homeless chic playroom? In order to trap the heat, I bought a bunch of thick blankets and sheets from Goodwill and sewed them together and stapled those mothers onto the ceiling during naptimes. It may have taken me a few days and I could have fallen and no one except Roy the Dog would have known but it got done and it pretty much works…. pretty much.

2. We have turned my coffee table in the living room into an art table. When it’s a little too chilly to play in the homeless chic garage, we have to come in and throw down a drop cloth and just finger paint or smush paint around in a ziplock bag because Mama is gonna need some serious help from Mr. Margarita if she doesn’t find a way to keep this hurricane busy.

3. Who knew tape could be so fun? If I put a bunch of painter’s tape on the table, guess who loves to entertain himself by pulling it all off and putting it back on again? This dude.

4. SWING! When all else fails and I’m sad because its been a really long year and I miss my husband, I bundle Bud up and take him to the swings and hear him laugh and oh, the world is right again.

5. RIBBON DANCE…. with friends. Seriously, homeboy gets it from his mama but he loves to carry his ribbon everywhere. (You should probably come home soon Sam)


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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Baby gut laugh… Nothing better.

  • Jennifer Dignazio

    My Sam (toddler) has started putting bags/buckets on his arms and carrying them around like….. purses. Which is odd, since I only carry a diaper bag and I don’t carry it on my forearm like a dainty lady, so I don’t know where he learned this behavior. He needs a male figure back in his life!!
    (I’m gonna remember that painters tape thing… good one.)

  • Angela

    I was wondering how your play garage would hold up in the colder months. Blankets stapled to the ceiling, didn’t see that coming. 😉
    Have you considered children’s museums? There’s one in Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett. (I recall you said your in the PNW) Cold raining day life savers.

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