Halloween 2012… We can do it!

We missed Sam like crazy this year but we still had a great time this Halloween! Bud was an astronaut in sticking with our space theme for the year. I made his costume which lets be real, is a pretty big deal for me. I wanted it to be warm and comfortable and good for the rain because I don’t know if you know this or not, but in the PNW it rains everyday, just FYI.

1. I sewed some accents into his grey sweatsuit and then added a jet pack…. yep, a jet pack.

2. For the jet pack: I spray painted some club soda bottles silver. Then spray painted a piece of cardboard silver. I’m an idiot and forgot to spray both sides, womp womp. Then I super glued the bottles on to the cardboard and made some holes for the string. I just made the straps out of string and prayed he wouldn’t rip it off before I got a picture. I made the flames out of felt and superglued those bad boys in the bottles. He felt pretty badass wearing his jetpack so it was a win!

And for me, I was Rosie the Riveter because I felt it was only appropriate with the man at war and woman power yada yada. We went out with my friend Kim and her little strawberry Adalynn. Kim’s husband is deployed with Sam so we kept each other company and every time the kids would fuss we’d look at each other and laugh and say, “We can do it!”

So, we can do it. God help us but we’re doin’ it!!



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  • kate@Daffodils

    Bud looked perfect (as did you!)

  • Sarah

    So cute!!!

  • Michelle

    Good job on the costume! Very cute!

  • Leslie Petree

    These costumes are all sorts of fantastic. Good job!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Dear Bud,
    You are the cutest spaceman alive.


  • His costume is ADORABLE. I think this wins my favorite handmade costume of 2012. 😀