Apparently I craft when I’m anxious….. so expect some craft posts! I decided to make a magnetic chalkboard for Bud to play with while I cook supper each night. Yall- trying to cook supper with a toddler at your feet is like trying to wrangle calves while simultaneously having a potato sack race.

I found this tutorial but in short:

1. Buy ugly painting in a frame that I like from Goodwill.

2. Buy galvanized metal from plumbing section at Home Depot along with chalk board paint.

3. Pop the ugly painting out of the frame, cut the metal to fit in the frame and put it in!

4. Paint the glass on the frame with chalk board paint, I had to use 3 coats.

5. There ya have it!

He loves it and it allows me to cook us healthy suppers without kneeling down every two seconds to say “I hear you baby, but Mama needs to chop this zucchini and put it in your meatballs to trick you into eating veggies.”

You know you’re jealous of my socks.

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  • Leslie Petree

    Chalkboard paint is my new favorite. The fact that it comes in a spray can is even better.