What we’ve been up to…

We moved across the country. The house is finally getting unpacked. Bud caught a nasty virus and is just now feeling better. Sleep has been… less than stellar on both ends because of new sounds, new time zone, etc etc etc. Why does this bed seem SO much bigger than the one at my parents?! We’ve been getting to hang out with some friends that we’ve missed, kids are bigger and it’s so fun to watch them all play together now. And oh yeah, I realized our house is way small for a toddler so I’m turning our garage into a playroom. I’ll post more about it later but I’ve found some awesome stuff on Craigslist and I’m making an awesome long fort out of all the cardboard boxes. Plus, I put carpet down which I wish would have been videotaped because I’m sure I looked like a Griswald driving down the highway with a 12×16 carpet strapped to my roof, trying to load it down and unroll it – TRULY hilarious.

And, I’m letting Bud go pantless a lot… just because.

This is what happens when Gruncle is around…


no pants no problem


take the dang ball dog.


there have been A LOT of early mornings so its resulted in some quick naps in the car running errands


playing in our new playroom!



new furniture to climb on/destroy!

 so this little house guest greeted me in the wee hours of the morn SO i started drinking and watching FNL…. sue me

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  • Kate@Daffodils

    Aint nothin’ wrong with a garage playroom. Ours is in a closet, you’re welcome, children.

  • FNL is ALWAYS appropriate.

  • Holly Dwan

    Did you move back to NC?!

    • no 🙁 i was there for a bit staying with family while sam is in afghanistan but now i’m back at our house in WA. hope you’re well!

  • Leslie Petree

    If I had seen that spider, I would have been doing shots of tequila and drunk FBing Tim Riggins. Just sayin’.

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