Anyone remember that 1800-Collect commercial?

I can’t believe I forgot to post it to the blogosphere but we are having a boy! I’m not sure I’ve seen Sam smile that big in a long time. There were definitely some high fives happening in the doctor’s office. But lets be honest, a lot of that is just because we like slappin’ five.

So it looks like we’re having a little Samuel Daughtry Metzler Junior! It seems to weird for me to call him Sam… for obvious reasons. SO I’ve been trying to brainstorm on some nicknames. Why don’t I share what my hubbs is going to call him…


Not Sam2, just Two.

Looks like I’ll have to start teaching my kid some serious comebacks when the elementary school kids start calling him “Number 2”.

Since I’m not sure I’ll be calling our son Two, what are some good nickname suggestions for the boy?? Leave them in the comments section!


  Why yes, that is my son’s winky-dink…were you confused?

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  • kim.


  • Well obviously, you know Im with Same on “two”, however, I am impressed with the facebook suggest of “sequel”.

    PS- I need you to move back onto watson. I miss you.

  • How about Daughtry? Or S, or Sambo? Sammy?