Pumpkin Patch 2012

Well, the sun was out this morning in the PNW (no one panic, it’s already gone so normalcy has returned), Bud slept until 7am and woke up happy, and we got to Skype with Dada so life is good people!! Because the sun was out we hopped in the car and went to our favorite pumpkin patch and got ourselves some pumpkins!

Bud can’t say his “p” so he kept trying to say “UHN-INS! UHN-KIN!”. And then he told me to pull myself together because I collapsed from his cuteness.

I had to take the pics with my camera phone because my nice camera is still in route, but fun was still captured so that’s all that matters.

Bud was a tad obsessed with riding in the wheel barrow and that was the only way I was going to carry all the pumpkins and a needy toddler





Twerkin’ the model pose


Can we just talk about Bud in this picture? He was thoroughly mad at me for removing him from the wheel barrow… I’m feeling the love. I can’t wait until I tell him he can’t go to Chastity’s party at the lake when he’s 16 and grounded. 


My bud




SO.MANY.PUMPKINS. Seriously, the tiny pumpkins are my weakness. I bought 22… sorry Sam, but you knew what you married. 





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  • Whyyyy does he keep growing?!!?

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Oh my good golly, you are a woman after my own heart… I only have 9 tiny pumpkins so far, but I haven’t made it to a pumpkin patch yet so… Yeah… That’s what restraint looks like in my life.

  • laurieparks

    LOVE the pumpkin patch!!!! I can’t seem to find one that is worth the time and money in the greater Phoenix area. Its been sad. At any rate, happy pumpkins!

  • Tracy Mansfield

    I have a weakness for small pumpkins too (and candy like you too!)! Love them! I put them everywhere. Happy Fall 🙂

  • Leslie Petree

    I only bought 3 little pumpkins for the dining room table and I’m still regretting it. Pumpkins can be Thanksgiving decorations, too, right?