15 Months

Bud the boy,

You are 15 months and full of life, joy, stubborn will, and curiosity. No one warned me of the way that love daily collides with baffling exhaustion when you have a kid. But I adore you and being your mama.

Here are some little things that I just don’t want to forget about you at this age:

– The way you hum a steady note when you are doing something that requires concentration like taking your blocks apart or emptying a box full of stuff or pretending to vacuum.

– You sing along with me now and oh my goodness, you love to sing.

– Please stop biting me. For real.

– When something is funny or anyone else laughs, you just throw your head back and open-mouth laugh, it’s hilarious.

– You are starting to want to talk in full sentences but I have no idea what you are saying. But YOU do, and you say it with such conviction and voice inflection that I end up agreeing with whatever you just said! (But the real answer is no, you can’t have a pony)

– You still furrow that brow of yours and I never have to wonder what you’re thinking because you are so expressive!

– You still want to point to everything you want, especially at nighttime you point to every single book so we end up reading 3 or 4.

– You still make the “all done” and “more” signs at meal times but you will not say it!

– You are obsessed with sitting in doodoopops mustang (or any car really) and pretending to drive.

– You love the vacuum and throw a complete tantrum when its time to put it away.

– You love anything with buttons and go straight to a lightswitch anytime you see one in the room. The other day you turned off all the lights in the restaurant bathroom and we heard a bunch of ladies scream from the stalls….. I laughed. And then ran.

– Anytime you drop anything I hear “uh oh”.

– 23.5 lbs, 31.5 inches long

– You walk like a drunken sailor and I love it. But you are super clumsy and covered in bruises that I’m convinced the people at the supermarket will call CPS.

– You can make all kinds of animal sounds and pick them out on a page but you still won’t actually say their names.

– I can ask you to do things now like, “can you go get your shoes please?” and you.actually.do.it. I could get used to this!

– You are still wanting Mama, especially in new situations but we’ll tackle this separation anxiety my Bud! I have a feeling things will be much better once Dada comes home.

– You have learned to walk, wrestle with Roy the dog, and moved back across the country. ¬†You are amazing me and testing me daily and I wouldn’t trade these 15 months for anything.


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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    I love that phrase “baffling exhaustion”… I’m going to remember that one for someday when I have a little one and haven’t slept in approx. 14,242 hours!

    And that little flip of blond hair at the nape of his neck is to die for… What a super stud!