It’s been one of those days…

when I think Kirstie Alley has taken over my body. I am a bottomless pit! I started off fine with my normal bowl of cereal but we had a retirement party for a coworker and the doughnuts were calling my name. I tried to cover most of my plate with fruit but the blueberry doughnut just laughed at my efforts… fail #1. Luckily, it was cut in half by another poor victim of its wooing so I tried to make myself feel better about taking it.

Then, as I was leaving I felt a whisper as sweet as the morning breeze. The perfectly glazed cinnamon roll (NOT cut in half) was begging me to wrap it up in a sweet little napkin and take it back to my desk. “You need to practice your swaddling Martha, just swaddle me in that Krispy Kreme napkin over there and take me to that wonderful office of yours.”  Fail #2… I meant to save it for lunch. That sucker only made it 30 minutes at my desk before I shoved it down my throat.

I won’t even tell you about the Laffy TaffyLaffy Taffies that I ate and the miniature ham biscuit that also somehow made it onto my plate.

I’m going to go prop my feet up now that I have confessed of my wonderfully glazed trespasses.

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  • stacy gunter

    girl, all that sugar may mean you need some protein. how exciting to have a lil boy!