“That wasn’t very nice.”

Before you think I’m writing about child discipline, I am not. This is a little situation that happened to me about 5 minutes ago in my “haven”.

I was sitting in a coffeeshop enjoying some time sans Bud to write and work on my book. I’m sitting next to this cute, young college girl who is working on some really important homework¬†Facebook. This man has come up to talk to her before but she keeps brushing him off (in a completely polite way) but he’s persistent in talking to her about not getting caught in the rain…. I’m serious.

Anyway, he comes up again and notices I have taken residence at the table next to her but I have my head down trying to get in to that writer’s world of focus that I keep hearing about…. I’m still searching by the way. And then this little magical interaction happens:

Man: “Do you go to college too?”

I look up at him…

Man: “Oh NO! You don’t! You’re too old.”

Me: ………………

Fresh-faced Polyanna next to me: “That wasn’t very nice.”

Meanwhile, if anyone needs me, I’ll be googling Botox injections and looking for the best white wine spritzer recipes.

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