22 Week Update!

Sam and I had the best weekend together. It was very low key and perfect catch-up time. The belly had grown SIGNIFICANTLY since he left 2 weeks ago so he had a big smile on his face when he first saw me and said, “Well, you really ARE pregnant aren’t you!”

He was so sweet all weekend just rubbing the belly and he got to feel our little monkey kick for the first time. He took a 22 week photo so here it is with the stats:




Weight Gain: 4 pounds

Cravings: Swiss grilled cheese, blackberries, and FROZEN YOGURT… you know it’s sad when a frozen yogurt bar has only been open in Winston for a week and a half and I’ve been there 4 times. The owner actually knows me now, I wish I could say I’m ashamed, but the pink lemonade sorbet is SO GOOD! Try it out at Brynn’s if you are in town!

Favorite Activities: long walks after work with Roy and I finally found a prenatal video that makes me feel like I’m working and doesn’t completely make me look like a fool in my living room… I still kind if look like a fool trying to bend over and touch the ground.

Big Moment: Feeling the monkey kick from the outside and knowing he’s just having a dance party in there! We also finally registered… SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL that took forever. I thought I might give birth in Babies R Us we were in there so long. Of course it didn’t help that I laughed every time my mom asked what size nipple I wanted… what!? I can’t help the way I am!

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  • emily mann

    girl, you look goooood.
    and you make me laugh. hard. i hope i’m that funny and hot and hungry when/if i’m pregnant. or even if i’m not.
    your marriage still makes me smile.
    and the fact that your marriage is being fruitful and producing little beings with real winky dinks… now that’s just sweet.

    love to you, your belly, and that crazy smart husband of yours.

  • DUDE! I am an idiot. I never subscribed to your new blog!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I missed all this goodness. YOU are adorable! Seriously. Love.