I’m baaaaack

Hey yall! I’m back from Canadia-land! I’m getting in tons of snuggles from my boy who I missed like CRAZY! Seriously, 5 days = way too long for this mama. He has a pretty decent cold (or its his pesky canine teeth coming in) but either way, he’s adorably pitiful which means lots of cuddle time.

I had an amazing time in Canada meeting my beautiful niece Talia. She’s adorable and totally easy… like no crying at all easy. They aren’t exactly what I call “morning” people so Dad and I got in lots of fun before heading over to their place each day around 11. We got up early, went for our 3 mile jog along the most beautiful sea wall, and then ate Lee’s Dougnuts at Granville Island… best morning ever. We also took a floatplane tour of the island and rented a boat one morning and went exploring all over the place.

We really lived up our vacation and it was so fun to be around Nomi and Graham but I was really ready to get back to my boy. Prepare yourself for picture overload!

Talia!! I love her!





I love them!










Proud DooPops


adorable little girl

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  • Nomi PB

    Fantastic photos… great visit!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Those cheeks! Oh sweet, sweet baby… What a lucky little girl to be so surrounded by love 🙂