This week and… Canadia

This week FLEW by. Seriously, flew by with lightening speeds and I could only keep up by shoving candy corn pumpkins in my mouth BECAUSE THEY ARE BACK IN SEASON BABY!

Here is our week in pictures. Also- did I mention I’m leaving tomorrow for Canada to meet my new niece?!?!?! I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so… SCARED. Jesse Spano, it’s like you were singing to me. I’m so excited about seeing Talia but I’ve never left Bud for this long: 5 days! On another note, this will be the easiest flight I’ve taken in 2 years because I won’t have my tater tots hanging out nursing a child, wrangling a child, trying to entertain a child, and oh yeah… flying with a child. I plan on getting tons of trashy magazines and hot coffee because…. I can.

This was the last day of the women’s retreat and Bud was cracking us up… looks like I’ve found my replacement!


Bud and I have been building different things with his blocks… so this happened this week. I kept singing “We build this city on rock and rollll YEAH!” but Bud gave me the stink eye

The weather has been incredible so we’ve been picnicking a lot. I shall miss you Mr. Sunshine when we head back to WA


Smooches from my boy


Roy decided to join us for the picnic but declined on the smooches


I mean seriously?! The faces! Be careful son, your face might stick like that.


Playtime at our favorite coffeeshop



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  • leslieruth

    That hat. TOO MUCH. Adorable doesn’t even begin to encompass it.