Stitch Fix

Yall- I’ve come across the greatest gift to the girl who hates shopping but wants to look stylish (aka, ME) and its called Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a small company that providesĀ a fun and easy way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. You give them your style (you can even give them Pinterest boards to give them a clear idea of what you love), budget, and size preferences, then they send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. I’m not even joking. The box shows up, and it’s like Christmas. You keep what you want, send back what you don’t. They include the envelope and postage so it’s seriously the easiest “shopping” experience in the world.

Here is my play by play:

the box shows up and i do a ninja high kick

It came with a pearl and gold necklace, black blazer, a wool tunic dress, striped shirt, and a floral dress.

I was obsessed with the blazer right away because it had a trendy cut-out in the back but alas, it’s not fitted enough and it makes me look like Condoleezza Rice… not a look I’m going for. I loved the striped shirt, hated the necklace, felt like a frumpy teacher in the floral dress, and loved the wool dress but can’t decide if I want to spend the money on it.

oh hellz yes, i need this

blazer that i LOVED but not on… sorry Condi but you aint my style guru

the wool dress… it fit like a glove and was SUPER comfy. but, do i want to spend $100 on it?

In the end, I kept the shirt and the wool dress. I justified the wool dress because I could wear it in the fall with a cardi AND in the winter with tights and blazer. I don’t have buyer’s remorse yet… yet. And I’ve already worn the shirt twice sooo things are looking good for getting my money’s worth on that.

The stuff I didn’t want I just plopped in the envelope and set it on the porch for the mailman to pick up! Yall have to try it, Stitch Fix…. seriously, it makes me feel like I’m not making the “outfits” board on Pinterest for nothing.

There, I’m done I promise. But I couldn’t help but share my fun with you!




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  • Kate

    I learned about Stitchfix from another blogger and signed up a couple of weeks ago. I got to the office today and my first package had arrived! I love-love-love two of the things I received (a blouse and a dress) and returned the other three items (tank – bad color for me, cardigan – bad shape for me, earrings – almost exactly the same as another pair I already own). I am SOLD! I love that I got some things that I wouldn’t have picked out for myself but totally work for me. And seriously – the returns cannot get any easier. I’ve already put in a new fix request. YIPPEE!!!

  • Kim

    Oh, bless my homebody soul!!