My son, remember

We were sitting on the floor of the sunroom letting the cool, newly autumn air come through the screen door. He was trying his best to balance his new puzzle, his ball, and his sippy cup of milk in his hands. I sat down next to him and started to tell him a little story; our story.

Hey honey, today is a very important day. Today is September 11th. This day is the reason that your Dada is over in Afghanistan.  A long time ago a bunch of bad guys killed a lot of innocent people here in our country. They had hate in their hearts and poured that date out on us. It happened 11 years ago on September 11th and on that day, God planted a seed of passion into your Daddy’s heart. Your daddy wanted to join the Army on that day so that he could protect his country and try his best to make sure that a day like September 11th would never happen again. He started to grow that seed of passion, and like most things your Daddy does, he made sure it happened. Your daddy is fighting the bad guys in Afghanistan not because he wants to be away from us, but because he wants to protect us from those bad guys and he wants to protect the innocent people in Afghanistan from those bad guys too. He does all this because he loves you so much and wants us to live in a world that understands justice. So my sweet son, today is a very important day because we have to remember the innocent people that were killed on that sad day and the people like your Daddy that have also followed that seed of passion that God planted in their hearts, and we have to keep praying for their families, ok? I love you little man and I pray that you follow whatever seed of passion God places in your heart. I pray you always have a heart for justice like your Daddy does and that no matter what, you chase it down not only for yourself, but for every man and woman in this world… just like your Daddy does every single day. 

on the day Sam left for Afghanistan


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  • Virginia

    Thank you and thank Sam for the sacrifices you make. I’m a former Army brat who knows first-hand how hard it is without dad around – but only have an inkling of an idea how hard it is not to have husband around! The three of you are in my prayers.

    • i didn’t know you were an army brat! thanks for the prayers girl

  • Kate@Daffodils

    this is so sweet (and heart breaking). Love you guys!

  • Marcella

    SO precious! May our children always be taught exactly why their Daddies, (or Mommies) fight for our freedom and protection!

  • leslieruth

    Just beautiful. Pray for you and Sam as often as I talk to my Air Force sister. Which is a lot 🙂 Thanks for the sacrifices you all are making. I’m grateful.