Bath time!!

Bathtime has become a special time in our house. Bud is old enough to independently play in the tub and I can just sit on the bathroom floor and drink wine watch the show instead of hovering over him like a mama-hawk making sure he doesn’t slip on the deathfloor of the tub.

Seriously, I never get tired of this kid. Even spending the entire day playing, feeding, disciplining, and smooching him… I never tire of him. Ever.

Sam- when you read this, how fun is it going to be when you can join in on bathtimes!?!

oh haiiii girl haiii


you wanna wash me where?!


sneaky boy





Did you see that dance move!? I nailed it!


this smile belongs to his father. 100%, his daddy’s smirk.


Life is good people, soak it up.



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  • Adorable!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    That little baby belly is just begging to be tickled!

  • Greenwood

    THE most precious pics i’ve ever seen!