Late weekend post

Last weekend was so fun. We had some fun little adventures.

Uno:  Winston-Salem Open… hello front row seats! I loved watching John Isner win and it was an incredibly close match. TENNIS! (Nerd Fist Pump here) I love that our city hosts this, it’s an amazing event.

Dos:  Slumber Party at my sweet little cousins house in Greensboro. My aunt and uncle were out of town so they wanted a chaperone so that the cray crays wouldn’t throw a party 😉 I brought Bud and it was so hilarious. It was like a vacation because their house is wonderful, Bud was taken care of so well by little Meggers who Bud ADORES, they had 2 dogs that shocking, Bud was obsessed with (this is the kid who has said “doggy” before “Mama”), and he slept like a champ. It was very strange because I remember when they were Bud’s age and now they are high-schoolers and little adults who sleep until 10:30 and fix their own cereal. Is that going to happen as fast with Bud?!?! NOOO!!!!!!

I mean seriously, Meggers was amazing with Bud

Bud loved that there was actually a dog that sit still long enough for him to cuddle.


Peek a boo!

Craziness runs in the family, what can I say?

Tres:  Sunday night fun supper with my folks. There was a giant bull involved.

da bull

Such a fun weekend, I always love when there are different things going on. It spices things up a bit.

Did yall do anything fun or interesting?

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