Ok, now that I have your attention….

I have been thinking a lot about how emotionally and expressively stunted we are. How many times have you been moved by something and your heart wants to cry but that voice inside your head keeps screaming, “KEEP IT TOGETHER!” Why do we have to keep it together? Or how often have you wanted to laugh hysterically at something but you don’t want to disturb the restaurant or the rest of the party? Or hug someone who is hurting? Or yell “AMEN!” during a sermon or good worship song? Or just dance in the middle of the store when you hear your favorite song? Why do we keep stopping ourselves? I love watching Extreme Home Makeover and seeing people react to their new homes. The free souls are the ones that fall to their knees, cry, snot flying out of their nose, scream, and laugh without fear of looking embarrassed or out of control. My friend once asked me what was wrong with the people on the show that didn’t react with overwhelming joy. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “They’re emotionally constipated.”
What is this “control” or “holding it together” getting us? Imagine what life would look like if we all lived loudly, uninhibited, and full of expression. You wouldn’t live with any of the, “Oh I should have said this…” or “I wish I would have just hugged her.” or “I’ll just wait until I get to my car to cry so I can be alone.” Instead your world will be filled with tears, loud belly laughs, embraces, passionate kisses, sacrifice… all the things life should be if it were being lived properly.
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  • Jude

    excellent wordage 🙂