Welp… it happened

Bud is down to one nap. I thought he might milk the 2 naps for a couple more months but alas, I think he’s down to one. I’ve tried to put him down for his usual 2 naps the past few days and he’s just sat in his crib playing for over an hour! So I just had a feeling he was done with the 2, made peace after calling and texting a couple of friends in a panic (But how will I get my time to read blogs and eat candy!??!) I put him down today around 12:15 and he slept until 2:30 so at least he got some good rest BUT holy crap…. supper time = mama needs a glass of wine STAT. I’ll be ready for him to get used to this schedule because I’m not sure I can handle the supper time melt downs!! I put him to bed a little earlier than his usual 7pm bedtime and so I’m hoping that’ll still mean he sleeps until his 7:15am usual wake up time. Come on dude, show mama some love.

Also- because I promised my hubby I’d post some pics and because I’m too spent to write anything meaningful , here are some pictures! And thanks so much for all the encouragement from my last post, yall are the best. For realz.

Taking a hike w Dada


Sam with his 2 dudes


love love here we are.


smooches from mama


Bud officially gives the most hilarious kisses ever. open mouthed and full of slobber and love




Also- I just realized that we all are wearing orange. Looks like we will be featured in this year’s awkward family photos.

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  • Jessi Kelly

    hey girl! i don’t have kids of my own but i do nanny full time and i’ve had to transition two kids from the two to one nap schedule and oh man it is hard at first! BUT it does free up your schedule in the morning time so y’all can go out and do more things and hopefully he can sleep for even longer in the afternoon. the boy i watch (he’s now 21 months) just went through a few months of 3+ hour naps and that was pretty much heaven on earth. i LIVE for nap time. it does get better 🙂

  • Nomi PB

    Love the picture of Bud standing on top of the coke icebox/freezer/thing. It just has a classic feel to it…