Whether you’ve been pregnant or not, you know that everyone likes to share their birthing horror stories with you. I’ve heard my fair share in the last 5.5 months and they’ve ranged from the horrific 30 hour labor full of screaming and cursing to having their baby in a Quality Mart parking lot (Hi Mary). Now they have a television show devoted to scaring the ever-living bejeezies out of you… super. Don’t they know I prefer to sit and veg out and watch How I Met your Mother?

Birth can be a scary thing… if you let it. I’ve had to be released from feeling as though other’s birth stories will be my birth story. God has always written His own story for me, why would my birthing story be any different? I have to be released from the fear that society puts on women and childbirth. I speak of freedom that Christ brings in our life, why should a scary chidlbirth be any different? I can experience freedom from that as well.

I have had some great encouragement from friends who have reminded me of Scripture, empowered me, and given me practical tips to battling this fear and doubt that inevitablely comes when thinking about labor.

  • My friend Michelle has covered me in prayer and referred a book to me that I’ll review this week, it has been such a breath of fresh air.
  • My friend Sarah shared her birth story with me, even though it was full of complications, she shared it with such adoration because it brought her sweet baby Wyatt into the world.
  • My friend Stacy, my birth guru/midwife expert  (if we were having the baby close by, I’d force her to be my midwife) gave me some very good practical advice. I’m going to make a list of all of my fears on one side of a piece of paper. Then on the other side of the paper, write down the possible solutions to each of the fears. She told me to think of my ideal birth and then get everything in place that I could control. 

If you’re struggling with any kind of fear, I pray for freedom in your life. No matter the fear, you can name the fears and then list the possible solutions!  Peace to you friends.


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  • so loved reading this & glad you have a few positive stories to sink your teeth into to counteract the negatives :)— but best thing i can tell you is to NOT watch that show anymore!! i saw the 1st 5 minutes the other night & had to turn it off. birthing is such a JOY where all our reliance lands on the Lord! so excited for yall.

  • stacy gunter

    this brought tears to my eyes. it’s incredible the amount of trust you already have and the truth god has already revealed to you about your own story! i am so glad you are blogging about this b/c people need to hear it. and, trust me, there would be no force required. love.

  • Melinie

    Martha, I love this. You are coming at birth with such a great perspective. Birth is amazing and transformative and truly a spiritual experience. I have never been closer to God or to Ben. I don’t understand why people try to tell horror stories to pregnant women. It happens to all of us and I just told people to stop talking to me 🙂 I read Ina May’s guide to childbirth and loved to read the birth stories in it. I came away realizing just what you have, each person has a different birth and story just as unique as they are. God is good and amazing and he can handle everything and anything. Feel free to read Malachi’s birth story or ask me if you want an uplifting awesome story. I cannot convey the ways that God showed me his heart in Malachi’s birth. It is a treasure.

  • Naomi Skena

    Martha, if you want to hear a story about a 48 hour labor that actually still brings tears of joy to my eyes to think about six months down the road – give me a call. 🙂 Though things didn’t go exactly as we’d planned, it was still the most joyful and empowering experience of my life! Having done all I could to prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally, I was able to just let my birth story unfold as it was meant to be and accept the whole experience as the great gift that it was. I’ve got a long reading list I can recommend if you’re interested, though it sounds like you’ve got some good people giving you great advice already. 🙂 Blessings to you and be encouraged to continue expecting joy and anticipating a transformative experience in your labor! No matter how it goes, it brings your baby to you!

  • Andrea Howell

    People are telling your horror stories? That’s just awful and wrong. You should just walk away. Seriously.

    Everything is going to be alright. Just let it unfold and happen cutie. Enjoy every minute, every weirdness, every milestone. Blessings on ya!

  • You should never watch Lifetime while preggo or living alone, it is just bad for business! Labor is a wonderful, amazing experience, and even if you have a long one or difficult one, the second you hold that baby in your arms, you completely forget about every pain associated with the last nine months and are so overwhelmed with love, that nothing matters! You are going to do fabulous no matter what!

  • stacy gunter

    i agree with melinie about Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth! It was one of the only books Andy read cover to cover and I loved reading it. She is an incredible midwife. Get your hands on that, for sure. She also wrote Spiritual Midwifery and just released a Breastfeeding book that I have not read, yet. ooooh, maybe you could start a weekly book review!

    I love what naomi said about “continue expecting joy and anticipating a transformative experience”. goodness, that is right on.

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