Phone Recap

I’m still wrapping my head around having Sam home for 2 weeks and honestly, trying to let the storm die down a bit in my heart before I can type out how amazing and heart-wrenching it all was. It truly was a taste of heaven and it all ended when I took him to the airport yesterday. Needless to say after a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio last night combined with my puffy eyes, it looks like Jaba the Hut sat on my face. So until then, here are some pictures I took on my phone from our beautiful 2 weeks with My Heart.

Also- stay turned in the next week because I’m going to have some AMAZING giveaways. For real- get ready to be stoked.

all three of my dudes playing…. i will never take such simple moments for granted again


bud and dada’s favorite activity… SWANGIN’


sam is A MILLION times better at the guitar than yours truly, so bud was clearly more excited each time dada played for him. i swear i heard him yell “BOOO!” when i tried to play for him last night.


late night date night overlooking downtown Winston-Salem


another date night. my parents were amazing and watched bud several times so that we could sneak away on several dates. don’t worry, we made jokes each time about sam having me back by 10 and i may or may not have yelled, “i hope this guy is easy!” as i walked out the door…. dad didn’t think it was funny


homemade water park. dada was in charge of the mist… he took it very seriously.


and yes, dada showed bud how to attack mama with the hose. super.


went on some walks through Reynolda Gardens, bud loved it


grape vines! lets make wine!


dada and bud in the gardens… you know, manly things. sweet shades sam 😉


last date night. we went to this amazing restaurant called Bernardin’s and it had the best outdoor seating. it was so romantic and the food was DELISH!


excuse me while i remain in the fetal position from sobbing so much from this picture…


nobody wants dada to go back so we tried to unpack his pack each time. it was a group effort.


Please hurry home soon Sam, your people miss you already. Now if you excuse me, some cupcakes dipped in chocolate dipped in Nerds dipped in more chocolate dipped in more Nerds are calling my name.


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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    These pictures are… Actually, I don’t think they’ve invented a word good enough to do them justice. Many hugs and many prayers for you guys!

  • Ashleigh

    we need to share a nerd rope!!!!!! i loved the photo journey of your time with Sam. You’re the strongest woman I know…..SERIOUSLY.


  • Truly

    I am sooo happy you got some time together. You are all in our prayers. Hang in there. Your kid has one great daddy and mama to be oh so proud of.

  • Ash

    Martha I don’t remember how I started reading your blog? But you guys are the cutest, you make me giggle and I’m wishing and willing a safe and swift return for you and your family – all the way from Australia 🙂

  • Tove

    I want to cry and smile for you guys all at the same time. I am dreading the day my husband has to deploy; no idea when that will be but it’s surely inevitable. I’d love to read how you help Bud adjust to all of this and help him remember his daddy while he’s away. Our babies are about the same age so it’s definitely something I think about. Stay strong mama; you’re halfway there!

    • Such a good idea, I’ve learned a bunch through this! I’ll do a post for sure! I’ll pray that your hubbs gets to stay home as long as possible 🙂

  • junie troxell

    I am so glad you all got that time together. What a beautiful family you are. I know you all cherished the time you had. I can’t imagine your face looking lik Jaba!!!!!! You all will be in prayers!!! I hope time flies by and before you know it the four of you will be back together again! love you!!!