Beach Trip – Metzler style

A quick recap of the beach trip with Bud, Sam, and myself:

Each morning we would start the day with sunrise and coffee. It was breathtaking each morning and the sky looked completely different each time.

Our little family together again. I cannot explain the way my heart feels when all three of us are together. It’s as if my heart might quite literally burst out of my chest each time with sheer joy.

Each night Sam and I would put Bud to bed, make a nice supper and pour our drinks and head out to the back porch to watch the sun set, talk about how blessed we are, the things he’s seen, the war he is living, and soaking in each other’s company. We would melt into bed each night knowing that we enjoyed every single minute of the day together. That’s how life should be.

My silly boy.

Snuggle time.

I can never get tired of this. Bud and his dada didn’t take long to connect to each other again. It was a mixture of overwhelming normality and pure delight to see them play together.

Bud was still a little leery of the water but would sit with us in the shallow part of the ocean and let the waves wash over him.

Our nightly sunset, we welcomed it with open arms and Limeritas each night.

This is my all time favorite series of pictures. I love how Bud is looking up at his Dada like, “Oh there you are!! Let’s play! We have catching up to do!”

I’ll post more but I have until Wednesday with my man so I’ll be posting pretty randomly. Treasure the time you have with your loved ones, hug them close!


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  • I am SOOOO happy for you guys, this makes my heart melt. Soak up every minute!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    This post just all kinds of made my day! (and kinda made me well up a little when you talk about how you guys spend the day and how that exactly “how life should be”)

    Keep smiling – ya’ll are showing the world what it means to live a life of love the way He intended!

    • thanks LMF! i hope that we actually get to cross paths when i get back out to the PNW

  • Kate@Daffodils

    This post makes my heart full and breaks it all at once. I will be praying for yall as he returns and you re-adjust to his absense, but in the meantime, each of these pics is so beautiful. Bud knows his Daddy and he knows Bud, no time could take that away. Enjoy your last few days; it is all downhill from here!! HUGS and KISSES from CA, Kate

  • jessi

    these pics are precious!! i know you are soaking in every sweet moment while sam is there! 🙂

  • Jamie@HandlingWithGrace

    What beautiful pictures. Perfection.

  • Oh my goodness these pics are so wonderful!