12 Months

Sweet Bud,

You are one year old!! I can’t believe it. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at you in awe of how much you have grown up and what a little dude you’ve become. I know I say this every month but you keep getting more and more fun! With that of course comes its challenges. You inherited your father’s strong will which will bring you much success but it will also drive me crazy 🙂

Where’s Bud??

You found me!


You do NOT like it when I tell you “no” and you do not like boundaries. Well my son, I’m afraid you have about 17 more years of that so get used to it! Luckily, you are understanding which things in the house are “That’s a no” and which ones are good to go! I will say how grateful I am for your curious spirit. You really take in a room before jumping in. That reminds me a lot of your dada. You love to explore every little space there is. You still love to walk around holding my hand or holding onto the furniture but you haven’t quite mastered walking on your own yet. I bet it’ll happen soon! You are pulling up to stand on just about anything, including the toilets, the laundry basket, the coffee table, and my legs. I love it. You always look back at me with this big grin like, “Look Ma! Did you see that!?” And oh the pointing! You point at EVERYTHING!

These next pics are my attempts to get you to sit still for your 12 month pictures… hilarious.

On the move!

My attempts to try and get him on his month-to-month blanket = blurred boy

You are such a flirt. Anytime we’re out you love to just show off to the ladies. You laugh at them or throw your head back each time they talk to you. Even in the hard times (ie, church nursery breakdowns) I’m still really proud to be your mama.

We are about at the half-way point of your dada being gone and I know we are both ready to have him home! He admires you on Skype and you always show off how you can push your toys around or play piano. You love your piano! Now all I have to say is, “Bud, do you want to play me a song on your piano?” and you crawl as fast as your little chunky thighs can take you over to the piano and just start banging on the keys. I hope you develop a love of music that your dad and I share.

I know this is totes washed-out but God help me I love this picture. He makes this face all the time and it melts my heart.

The doc said that you looked great at your 1-year check up. You’re 21.5 pounds and 27 3/4 inches long. You’re about 30% in weight, 80% in height, and of course 95% in head size…. we’ll go with the theory you have a big brain.

You are still a great eater, I’m now giving you just about anything that we’re eating but I’m still having to puree some of your green veggies because you’re pretty picky about what you’ll eat whole veggie wise. Plus, you’re going to give your daddy a heart attack if you’re vegetarian but you are super picky about meats!

You’re still rocking 2 naps; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you fade out of your morning nap but I’m hoping to hold onto it until you’re 14 or so months.

My all time favorite thing is when you just bust out in dance whenever you hear a song you like. You start bobbing your head and get a huge grin on your face. Boy, you got swagger.

What do you have doggie?

Best playmates. It’s no surprise Bud’s first word was “doggy”

I’m so grateful to the Lord for forming you inside my womb and for making this year one of the most fruitful years of my life. I’ve seen my sin mirrored in you little Bud but thanks be to the Author of Grace because I see His freedom and His mercy alive in you every single day. You my son are fearfully and wonderfully made and I’m so blessed to have been entrusted with you while you are here on earth. I pray every day that you come to know the Lord in a real and passionate way and that your Dada and I can show you what grace and truth look like. We will fail you, but God never will. 

I love you to the moon and back little man and thanks for being an awesome kid.

Your Mama

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  • Marcella

    Oh he is such a cutie!! You are blessed!

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    I was giggling merrily along until I got to that last paragraph – straight up tears. SO SWEET! This is how all children should be loved.

    Happy birthday Bud!

  • Paula Glover

    Martha, I especially like this part…”I pray every day that you come to know the Lord in a real and passionate
    way and that your Dada and I can show you what grace and truth look
    like. We will fail you, but God never will.” I also love the one picture that you declare is “washed-out”, it’s perfect. What a blessing to read your blog today. Congratulations on Dada coming home today. Go get em TIGER and have a great time!