I’m still here…

Hey yall! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA but we have been moving (my parents have been moving, yada yada).

I’m pretty sure this move has been more stressful than our move across the country! That whole moving with a 1-year old makes a tiny difference 🙂 But we’re taking it day by day and having a positive attitude for the win!!! Plus, the house is gorgeous and mom is doing some incredible stuff.

Just so you know what we are twerkin’ with, here is a picture of their “living room”. Yep. Totes babyproof…..


But luckily I have the coolest kid in school and all of the craziness (including a carpenter walking into his nursery during naptime and scaring the bajeezus out him) can ruin the mood of this boy!

** Excuse the grainy pictures, my camera is buried in a box somewhere.

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