Born to Fight

This is sweet little Kessler, aka “Bean” as I like to call him. He is the handsome offspring of our amazing friends Blake and Ashley Hill. A few weeks ago Kessler got RSV. It scared everyone but after a few days in the hospital, that little fighter came out strong! RSV can stick around but Kessler refused to let it keep him down. Now lets be honest, this is a little boy who only knows how to poop, eat, and sleep. But, within every fiber of his being he knew he was born to fight.
We are equipped to fight because we have the ultimate Warrior on our side. Check out Exodus 15:3 for a little kick in the rear. Too often we make ourselves the victims and we forget that we were born to fight for a full life, justice, love, holiness, and peace. Now, lets go to bed tonight with the image of Kessler in full armor leading our army like Braveheart. I’m not even going to try and hold back the laughter.
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  • Blake and Ashley

    Let's hope he's a good fighter and not a bad fighter. Cause we know he's gonna be a fighter. Word.

  • Ashley H.

    Thanks for the shout-out to our little man! Love the picture of Kessler leading us in full armor! I have been encouraged by your writings! Love you!