Out of the hole…

Ok I’m back from the hole I’ve apparently been hiding in! We’ve had a lot of changes the past couple of weeks. Sam left for his 4.5 month training adventure and he has loved it. We’ve been able to talk on the phone each night which has been SUCH a blessing but I’m ready to see that man’s face! I get to see him Friday so needless to say this week has been excruciatingly SLOW.

The packers came last Wednesday to pack up our house. That was…. interesting. I’m so grateful that we don’t have to pack and move our house every 2 years with the Army so I can’t complain too much. The movers came on Thursday while Roy and I watched them move our house into a big truck and move it into storage in Washington. Crazy! Bless their hearts though, because the packers were a little slow in the uptake, the movers were there until 2am on Friday morning. We tried to have fun with it and I ordered them pizza. But around 10:15, they came out to tell me that I was pregnant (really!?) and I needed to go to a bed and they’d deal with everything else. So, in desperation, I decided to trust these nice men to finish moving my house and Roy and I went to my parents’ house for some much needed rest.

I went back first thing Friday morning before work and the movers had gotten everything out of the house and locked up. Thank you sweet movers, I shall reward you with the robot dance. * hold please while I’m doing the robot*

So Roy and I have been chilling at my parents’ house. Warm house, good food, good company… life is good.

I miss Sam like crazy but have been hanging in there alright. Valentine’s Day came and that sweet warrior man of mine, in the midst of everything he is doing, sent a gorgeous bouquet of tulips to my office.

So I’m so grateful and feel so blessed to have a sweet man who I miss, a sweet family who is housing me and my crazy dog, and good friends who keep making me laugh and feel really surrounded.

So that’s the update! Sorry for my absence.

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  • you can always crash here at the casa. I would LOVE to see you survive a night upstairs with the knuckleheads. “Hey Marfa, tell us another story…” *note: alden does in fact call you marFa,not a typo.
    Praying for you lots… you are a trooper!