Bud’s First Birthday

** Warning, picture overload about to overcome your senses.

I am finally posting pictures from Bud’s first birthday party! It was such a fun day. My boy did great especially considering how mother-loving hot it was. Everyone was such a good sport for braving the heat and celebrating our boy.

the clevys…. aka the planet hangers (and yes i kept making jokes about them hanging the moon)

Me and Jude, my amazing friend who selflessly took pictures so I could focus on the birthday boy

Miles 🙂

Lorin and Laela

the Hornadays!

Sam’s sweet fam who drove over for the party! So sweet!

Brad Ro and sweet Molly

I love the Kearns fam!!

the water table was CRUCIAL!

Crane boys!


I wanted to make it really special with little details about the theme (it was space themed in case you missed that) because Sam and I always tell Bud “I love you to the moon and back” every night before he goes to bed. So I thought it’d be a fun way to play out the theme and it didn’t involve me renting a miniature pony…WHY DIDN’T I RENT A TINY SPACE PONY?!

Anyways, we invited family and close friends of Bud’s. People who know and love him and are willing to hang around in 100 degree weather watching me sweat more than a housewife reading 50 Shades of Gray.

The invitations were TO DIE FOR. As per usual, my sister-in-law Lauren over at Saint Folly made all other invitations look like clip-art with our custom designed invites. I can’t wait to frame Bud’s to put in his room because I’ll treasure it forever. Get in touch with me if you want to have anything done by her; she does stationary, invites, and cards! Instead of gifts, we requested peeps bring donations for the Rescue Mission and we were able to bless them with some awesome stuff!

For the food, I’m just gonna bullet-point because me so tired.

– Pluto Punch = pineapple juice, sprite, lemonade
– Meteorites = rice krispie treats
– Little Dippers = Chickfila nuggets with sauces
– Far Out Fruit = umm fruit
– Space Trail Mix = ummm trail mix
– Cupcakes with stars and rocket ships on them
– Space Ship shaped PB&Js

The gift boxes I made into little Nasa goodies. I printed out Nasa stickers and just slapped them onto gift boxes that I got from Michael’s… very easy. Then I filled them with Pop Rocks, Astronaut food, and the worst idea ever: astronaut and rocket shaped chocolates.

I won’t lie, the chocolates were my least favorite of the party prep. They didn’t turn out great and the molds were a pain in my ass.  But, I had already committed and I didn’t want 7 unused chocolate molds on my hands.

stupid things took forever

I made a little space centerpiece out of foams balls and wooden skewers. I painted them and well, put it together… not too hard!

I made a little birthday banner with card stock and yarn. My amazing brother/Bud’s Gruncle made him a little rocket-boy painting that I used to decorate his high chair for the cake extravaganzaaaa.

The cupcakes were bought from a local bakery, Dewey’s but my friend Sarah and I made the fondant toppers. That was a hilarious afternoon because I think we covered every hard topic in life (marriage, religion, politics… Metzler/Lidbom 2012) all while I had a whiny child at my ankles. Plus, we learned Bud is terrified of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Dewey’s also made his smash cake. They did such a great job! For real, check it out. Bud DESTROYED it. It was awesome. Dude dominated half of it and I eventually had to take it away because I knew it would end up all over me later.

he really wanted me to have some…. so thoughtful

see! i told you he dominated it!

I also got some cool paper lanterns to act as planets and a MASSIVE one as the moon and suckered my friends Nadia and John into helping me hang them at 9pm on Friday night.

Here’s a nice shot of the ‘planets’

Oh, and did I mention that I built a spaceship for the kids to play in? Yeah… that happened.

From beginning to end it was a great first birthday but it would have been an amazing first birthday party if his Dada would have been there. We missed you more than you know Sam, hurry home to your people.

Here are some more shots from the party:

i mean…. come on

the three stud muffins

Bud and Gammy

Bud and Nana

Bud and the 2 granddads!




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  • Kathryn Roebuck Holding

    I can’t believe how big he is! Looks like the party was a huge hit. Happy first birthday, Bud!

  • sarah

    looks like so much hothothot fun. sad we missed it. happy birthday bud!!

  • Nomi PB

    OK, so when I read “Bud <3 SDM" I had to do a double take to make sure the 'D' wasn't an '&'. Did I just ruin his birthday completely? SORRY! It looked fabulous.

  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    That close up of his sweet little baby face? COME. ON.

    My ovaries can’t handle that!

  • Kate@Daffodils

    Thank you! This post made my week. SO many wonderful pictures, but the only of your concentration face while making chocolate is my fave. Miss you friend!

  • ashley

    i have no idea what you mean by picture overload. i could have used more! ;o)

  • I’m behind in blog reading (as you can tell). I LOVE the way the party turned out! I can’t believe little bud is ONE…those invitations are to die for and i’m bookmarking her site for when I need drawing help next. 🙂

  • Christy Worcester

    What a fun looking party! I just got done having our sons 1st birthday party a few weeks ago! I love why you choose the theme, so sweet!

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