Preggo Update

Here are some stats on this gorgeous day. It never occurred to me to do stats but my friends in far away countries like Wyoming wanted to get updates.

How many weeks: 20

Cravings: banana peppers and salt & vinegar chips

Aversions: fish… gross

Activity: still trying to walk each day, but tried prenatal yoga last night and was open hand slapped in the face by my loss of flexibility since I stopped doing pilates. I mocked the lady when she said for us to use a block… until I bent over and in my head I thought I was touching the ground but in reality, I was eye to eye with my dimpled knees. I swear one of the dimples winked at me.

Weight Gain: 3 lbs

Perceived weight gain: 20 lbs when I try and squeeze myself into my jeans and get the Belly Band over my belly

What’s a family picture without hubby’s boot in the shot?

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  • ashley

    thank you for the updates, you know i love them!!!

    i misread this, and thought you had said you had actually gained 20lbs and i was really trying to figure out how you did that and where you were hiding the weight.

    also, did sam take this picture of you in a hotel room? if so, it makes me chuckle. that’s right, chuckle.

    i’m thinking that you should drive through wyoming when you make the big move to your new country. think about it.

  • kate

    3 pounds?? way to show up my post about being proud that ive only gained 8! Hope you guys are having a great day!

  • i don’t know what to love more… the fact that you are craving the best food known to man… salt n’ vinneys or Sam’s boot in the shot.

    ps you look great!

  • Martha

    Kate you’re hilarious, you’re such a hottie! Ummm I also may have left out the fact that I lost 5 pounds in the beginning so technically I’ve gained 8 too 🙂

    And thanks ladies, yes Sam’s boot is the best and it was taken in the hotel room last weekend 🙂